Hi, I'm Biz!


Everything you need know...

I love cooking and especially baking. But I also like a bit of a challenge. One of the goals of this blog is to test out recipes to determine their deliciousness, presentation and feasibility. I'm also a photographer by profession and love capturing delicious things. I love pretty food, but ultimately it should be tasty. And worth the time. Onward ho!

** As of late, "recipe conqueror" has taken on new meaning as I delve into the world of gluten and (usually) dairy free baking and cooking.  Occasionally I use goat or sheep's milk in cooking, but never cow. I have been gluten and "dairy" free since September 2012 and it's a whole new world out there! Onward ho, yet again! **

p.s. I do not normally live among the idyllic greenery in the above photo, but in Brooklyn, which is pretty cool too


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